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    My Painting Pro Terre Haute is the best choice if you are looking for a painting contractor who does Residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Interior Painting, or Exterior Painting. Our contractors will arrive on time and stay within budget to ensure that you get the new look you have always wanted. Our service is backed by complete licensing and insurance, ensuring reliability and offering a guarantee for the work we provide. We have years of experience painting new homes, exterior paint jobs, interior paint jobs, and commercial painting jobs. This makes us the obvious choice for all your painting needs in the Vigo County area. Fill out this form if you would like to get a FREE quote on a painting service for you. Click the "CALL NOW!" button if you would like to schedule a time for us to come take care of your painting needs.

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    Our company has been servicing Terre Haute homes and businesses for years.

    We always provide the highest quality painting and most professional services.

    Give your home a beautiful new look and make the old new. Interior paint services transform spaces with color, enhance aesthetics, cover imperfections, and offer a fresh, personalized look for your home's interior.


    Our professionally trained painters understand your commercial painting needs. Safety and professionalism is delivered at all times. Commercial paint services provide professional business painting solutions, enhancing aesthetics, maintaining brand image, and ensuring a durable, appealing workspace environment.

    An attractive and well-maintained exterior can be enhanced by exterior painting services and will protect against the elements, protect the property from damage, offer a variety of colors, and increase property value.

    Painting services for your home revitalize it with color, hide imperfections, provide a personalized aesthetic, and protect surfaces to ensure a refreshing, appealing, and well-maintained living space.

    Deck painting services enhance aesthetics, protect against weather, prevent rot, offer color options, increase lifespan, and provide UV protection, ensuring a safer, cleaner, and personalized outdoor space.

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    Interior Painting

    I am so glad I called up My Painting Pros. They repainted my kitchen and bedrooms and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you!

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    Commercial Painting

    Great service. Very quick and professional work.

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    Exterior Painting

    I would absolutely call them up again. They did a great job repainting my deck, I would recommend them to anyone needing paint service done.

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    Terre Haute

    Due to its geographical location, intersections of major highways, and proximity to Indianapolis, it's no wonder it has the nickname "Crossroads of America". Although it is quaint, this city has plenty to offer with its rich history and various activities to explore. With its strategic location, diverse attractions, and friendly atmosphere, Terre Haute invites you to unravel its hidden treasures and make lasting memories in the heart of the Midwest.


    Terre Haute Indiana is well known for several things. We are home to the birthplace of the world-renowned Coca-Cola bottle. Coca-Cola first brought this project The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute in hopes that they would make a new bottle that would make their product stand out from the rest. Thus the birthplace of the famous contoured Coca-Cola glass bottle. In celebration of this world-renowned packaging design, the Root Family Public Art Project has made several Coca-Cola bottle sculptures scattered throughout Terre Haute. There are several locations of these many sculptures so be on the lookout as you explore the city. Some locations of these many sculptures are 929 Wabash Ave, 11 Cherry St., 33 S. Third St., and 1010 Chestnut St. just to name a few.


    Another location, full of fun, for little children and families, is the Terre Haute Children's Museum in the heart of downtown. This is located at 747 Wabash Ave. Here you can fill a few hours with educational fun and exploration activities. We love our town and how it offers a variety of locations for fun and history for the family. Check out all the fun things to do in Terre Haute Indiana.


    Why use MY Painting Pro Terre Haute? The answer is simple. Our Terre Haute professional painters offer services in Vigo County, including surrounding areas in Brazil, Sullivan, and Clay. We offer top-quality painting services for our town to ensure the homes and buildings in our town will always look updated and fresh with a new coat of paint. We love our town and want to keep it looking its best! Give us a call and we can give you a free quote!



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